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LED Wall Light

Wall light is installed on the wall, wall light like led wall washer light for wall decoration. Using for indoor and outdoor lighting. Wall light is the perfect addition to any area for decor, lets people feel the area is brighter, larger and created a pleasing atmosphere. It’s often the finishing touch on your home’s exterior.

Where should use led wall light?

Wall lights have so many different styles and many purposes can install indoors and outdoors. The application includes: Porches, Patios, Entryways, Garages, front or back porch lights or any can be mounted on virtually any vertical surface. Like a wall-mounted fixture wall light provides supplemental illumination and can alleviate glare; Mirror side with wall light can reduce shadows from your face. Outdoor wall light with IP65 is commonly used on the porch and along exterior walls for security. wall lights are a durable and attractive way to brighten your home and the area surrounding it.

How to choose led wall light for outdoor lighting?

  •  Up and down wall light, can install stairwells and hallways, can see the full lighting effect;

  •  With a PIR motion sensor, wall light is very good for deterring intruders from a larger deep garden;

  • According to your decoration style, choose wall light to create stylish, retro, elegant and traditional, etc. impression;

Selecting exterior wall light always consider IP rating for protection against harsh weather, anti-corrosion, and UV-proof powder coating.