LED Spot Garden Light

Garden spotlights have so many different types, it is can be the replacement for traditional outdoor floodlights, meantime garden spotlights are perfect for lighting foliage and outdoor features, so spotlights also can be used for highlighting a number of outdoor features, including trees, buildings, sculptural and architectural details. They can be providing a bright and focused beam of light and very easily fixed into the soft ground.

Led Spot Garden Lights to give directional light, ideal for illuminating designated areas, such as front and back doors, garden walls, garages, and decking areas.

What is Garden Spotlights’ advantage?

  • Keep your mind: like a pond, a tree, steps, and any that you might want to keep in the dark;

  • Be flexible: easy fixed can accommodate the changing seasons and plant growth;

  • Create a wonderful ambiance in your garden;

  • Safety first: whenever to choose 12v or 230v lighting, just make sure the product is weatherproof (IP 65 is weatherproof and IP 68 is able to be submerged and buried);

  • LED garden lights are available in colored or white bulbs that can be utilized to create varying effects in the garden;

  • Garden lights are cooler in temperature meaning foliage will not be damaged by searing lights

Usually LED Garden Spotlights Lighting application methods to include:

  • Uplighting: You can choose to highlight the trunk of (generally larger) trees or the underside of the tree’s canopy on larger or smaller trees.

  • Silhouetting: Place the light source behind the item, and light toward where the main vantage point will be, making sure that the light source itself cannot be seen.

  • Shadowing Placing the light between the main vantage point and the item being lit, with the light source aimed at the item.

  • Moon Lighting:The light source is placed high up in the tree aimed down, washing the branches and ground below in light. It creates an impressive effect when used with an open-branched tree.

Except for garden spots, like Step/stair lights, Pond lights, in-ground lights and underwater/pond/fountain lights, etc all can help you create effective garden lighting.