April showers may bring flowers, but rain is rarely something that electricians and contractors look forward to.

Especially when working with LEDs. LEDs and water don’t mix. And while low-voltage lighting may remove the danger of electrical shock, exposure to moisture can still cause shorts or be rusting which can reduce the lifespan of your LEDs.

Fortunately Inspired LED has several ways to help water-proof and weather-proof your new lighting system for install just about anywhere.

As the weather begins to warm, homeowners begin to look for new ways to enjoy their outdoor spaces.

Decorative lighting is a great way to not only accentuate the unique features of your yard but to maximize the time spent enjoying this space. Highlighting benches, planters, address plates, even mailboxes can make a home more recognizable, adding dimension and setting the mood for a landscape. For these types of applications, we recommend using our weather-resistant outdoor LEDs.

Like led garden light, led bollard light led spotlight or led wall light etc.

Pro Tip: While this product is rated as “weather-resistant”, applying additional silicone during installation can help to reinforce and further weatherproof these connections for particularly damp locations.

Though most accent lights tend to be positioned out of the way, some jobs require LEDs to be installed in high traffic outdoor areas. Walkways, patios, decks, and gazebos not only have to withstand the weather, they also have to contend with being walked on, kicked, and otherwise roughed up. But when it comes to placing outdoor lighting along paths, stairs, or along the base of the porch, chances are you’ll want to go with something even more durable. Like led underground light IK08 IK10 or led step light etc.

Pro Tip: If you’re an electrician or contractor or lighting designer looking for a durable outdoor lighting solution, we are ready to help! For more outdoor lighting inspiration, be sure to check out our other outdoor blogs, or our catalog.