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Outdoor lighting as an LED landscape lighting manufacturer and supplier (Factory Direct Outdoor Lighting)we started in 2011, with high quality, innovative and waterproof landscape and architectural lighting products.

We production landscape lighting including led garden light, bollard light, wall light, step light and inground light, etc are exported to different lighting distributors from more than 30 countries. Every year we have over 20 new products, each month we will have 1-2 new products.

Why is landscape lighting important?

Landscape lighting, we also can call garden lighting, it is lighting for private gardens and public landscapes. Purpose for Landscape Lighting maybe for wanting illumination in your backyard, or maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons, or you want to highlight some features of your backyard like a water fountain or pond.

Landscape lighting except for lighting function also can do artistic decoration and landscaping functions.

Normally more outdoor landscape lighting is low-voltage, it is safer to work with and install than 120/220 volt systems. Includes like in-ground lights, wall lights, step lights, path lights etc.

See the difference landscape lighting makes by viewing the before and after photos of these homes

Before + After Photos

Where To Place Landscape Lighting in Your Garden?

Landscape lighting can be divided into:

1. Road landscape lighting: to guide your guests where they need to go;
2. Garden square landscape lighting: to accentuate your stunning landscaping;
3. Architectural landscape lighting; to highlight your home’s unique beauty;
4. Pool lighting: to keep your nightly swims safe;
5. Accent lighting: to subtly show off your property’s best features;

6 Types Of Outdoor Landscape Lights

  • LED Bollard Light:

Bollard light important to avoid accidents in dark locations, these standing fixtures light pathways, steps, garden walks, deck, and pool areas. They also provide attractive light patterns for driveways. Bollard lights are one of the only types of outdoor landscape lights that can shine in every direction.

  • LED Spot Light:

Led spotlights to focus a controlled intense beam to highlight the focal points in your garden: flowers, small shrubs, and statuary. Spotlighting that point only in 1 direction and anything you can point it at.

  • LED Wall Light:

Provide a warm welcome after dark. Select a step light that casts adequate illumination on front steps,It’s all in the name. Step lights go either on walls beside the stairs or on the front, vertical face. There’s no question that these types of outdoor landscape lights will light up their deck stairs.

  • LED Inground light

Burying these fixtures flush with the ground conceals the light source. Use for uplighting trees and shrubs, and grazing textured walls. Inground lighting your driveway with light also improves safety and security.

  • Underwater light

Underwater led lights create dramatic effects in pools and at fountains. Don’t forget swimming pool lighting these fixtures are installed insides and at ends of swimming pools and bottoms of fountains, colored lighting is popular for this application.

  • LED Garden Light

The Tall Bollard Light (modern street lamps)offers a sleek, architectural bollard light with a tough aluminum build for a path light that will last. There are also simple, high poles with typical booms and fixtures for road lighting.