Some people love them and some hate them, but if you’re designing lighting outside, you always need to consider bollards.

We’ve concentrated on bollards that look a bit different or have special optical qualities or performance.


  •  lighting a path or maybe a small car park;
  • direction or difference in levels such as stairs or a ramp;
  • pathways and public open spaces;

1:This is an attractive bollard aimed at high-end landscape projects, the LED source is deep, inside the head and so there is no upward light emitted. This is a generally well-constructed. IP65 unit and is available in 3,000K /4,000K  and 6000K with a colour rendering of CRI 80.

2: The three vertical arms give it an open appearance and they are brightly illuminated by the LEDs at the top.  Have three height size option: 300mm, 500mm and 700mm. The disadvantage of this body style is that the arms cause shadows on the ground and any nearby walls. The effect is strong contrast and dramatic compared with the more uniform light distribution from other bollards. It’s purely an issue of what you prefer.

3:New exterior bollard light range that features high output CREE LED light source with diffusers on back and front.

Bollard lights feature double anti-corrosion powder coated, high-pressure cast aluminium & anti-ageing UV protected PC diffuser.