LED Underground Light

Led underground lights are a great option for outdoor lighting design. Also referred to as in-floor lighting, when it refers to similar lighting done indoors. Inground light aims to create guide lights, lighting for paths in outdoor buildings and garden areas.

What is the Inground light advantage:

  • IP67/IP68 rate, good for protected against dust and water;

  • RGB color option, create a modern and fun outdoor lighting design;

  • Suited for accenting architectural features, facades, or sculptures.

  • Highlight points in the landscape such as cherished plants;

  • Feature a 304/314 or 316stainless steel trim and an aluminum body;

  • In-ground light can be mounted in-ground or in-wall;

LED Underground Lights Application

Led underground lights buried lamps are widely used in shipping malls, parking lots, green belts, parks, tourist attractions, residential areas, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps, and other places, mainly buried in the ground, used for decoration or lighting.


IP67 or IP68 dustproof & waterproof. IK08-IK10 to allow people to walk on, cars drive on. Perfect for accenting porch columns or the sides of the house or pathway.