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LED Industrial Lighting Manufacturer in China

Industrial lighting we usually refer to refers to the lighting of industrial production workshops.

Industrial lighting is actually providing lighting for industrial environments such as production plants and mines, include indoor lighting to common outdoor and road lighting.

Outdoor lighting has a wide range of floodlights, high bays and LED lighting fixtures for industrial lighting manufacturer.

Where place we can use we industrial lighting?

Office workplace lighting need to coordinate with the factory lighting environment;

Warehouse lighting like Mechanical equipment warehouse, Chemical product warehouse, and Food, medicine, cosmetics warehouse, etc.;

Auxiliary rooms include power distribution room, air conditioning machine room, communication machine room, compressor room, pump house, boiler room, archive room, guard room, duty room, etc.;

Outdoor lighting includes various yards, parking lots, roads, etc.;

See the Industrial Lighting for common outdoor and road lighting


Why did we need good industrial lighting for your workplace?

  • Can improve labor productivity

  • Can improve product quality

  • Can improve product throughput

  • Make your workplace safer

  • Reduce workplace employee fatigue

  • Production accidents will be less

  • Better industrial lighting also can increase employee satisfaction with the work environment.

4 types Industrial LED Light Fixtures to Consider

  • LED Batten Light:

LED batten lights are lighting fixtures that offer a uniform, spot-free illumination. These lighting fixtures both IP20 & IP65 versions can be used in commercial or industrial spaces. Suitable for large spaces including grocery stores and department stores.

  • LED High Bay:

High bay lights are installed in industrial spaces whose ceiling These lights have a high lumen output to ensure that the area is well.

LED low bay fixtures are employed in commercial facilities and warehouses, which is suitable for buildings with low ceilings since they will ensure the proper distribution of light.

  • LED Street Light:

LED streetlights are suitable for use as parking lot lighting, security lighting, pathway lighting, and storage area lighting.

  • LED Floodlight:

Are outdoor light fixtures that can be used in industrial spaces, These lights are ideal for security and landscape lighting and they can be complemented with motion sensors or photocells. Also LED floodlights are used in landscape lighting, These techniques include wall washing, which is used to spread light across large spaces uniformly.