LED Bollard Light

Bollard lights application for walkways, parking lots, pathways, building exteriors, etc for decorative items. And landscaping Used for outdoor commercial, hospitality, and residential applications, bollards provide illumination for safe egress, enhanced security, and ambiance. Led Bollard light can be satisfied for property owners as well as landscape designers, architects, and contractors.

What is Bollard’s light advantage?

  • Efficiency can up to 80%-90% compared to traditional lighting;

  • The longer lifetime with led lamps;

  • Bollard light popular materials are the die-casting aluminum can be increased durability;

  • UV-proof powder coating for all outdoor environments;

  • Improved distribution of lighting for increased efficiency;

  • Bollard lights are hidden inside the cap of the fixtures, so there’s no glare;

  • Fewer maintenance costs;

  • Less replacement part costs;

  • Provides increased safety after dark;

  • Aids in geographic orientation;

  • Highlights and adds drama to the interesting landscape;

  • Create comfortable and communal surroundings;

  • At night, the light inside shines through the laser-cut designs to cast stunning, artistic shadows on the ground;

How to choose led bollard light?

  • Make sure all the outdoor lighting you buy is waterproof, like IP65;

  • The lamp body adopts aluminum alloy and high-pressure die-casting aluminum material;

  • Surface treated with electrostatic plastic-sprayed & UV-proof;

  • Lamps style must match your building design,today’s bollard lighting can be cylindrical, square, or any other vertical shape used to house outdoor lights.

In addition to the lamp post, pendant, ceiling fixture, and wall sconce, other categories of outdoor lighting are becoming more popular, such as bollard lights, which can available for exterior lighting.

According to your budget, we will supply many types of Led bollards lighting for your project.