Recessed Inground Side-light Stainless steel front cover

Inground lights, also known as underground lights, are perfect for enhancing the beauty and safety of outdoor spaces. These fixtures, particularly those crafted from SS316 stainless steel, offer unparalleled durability and style. These versatile fixtures are embedded into the ground, providing unobtrusive yet effective illumination for pathways, driveways, gardens, and architectural features.

Outdoor Inground Side-light lights key features:

IP65 underground light

1. Front Cover: Made from robust SS316 stainless steel.
2. Housing: Constructed from die-casting grey powder-coated aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to environmental elements.
3. Driver: Features a constant current output for reliable performance.
4. Glass: Utilizes step tempered glass for durability.
5. Mounting Sleeve: Made from ABS, ensuring ease of installation and stability.

Outdoor Spaces with Recessed Inground Side-light Fixtures:

SS316 Recessed inground side-light fixtures are an innovative solution for enhancing outdoor spaces, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. As illustrated in the images, these lights are seamlessly integrated into the pavement, illuminating pathways, patios, and architectural features effectively and unobtrusively.

These fixtures are ideal for a variety of outdoor settings, including illuminating walkways, patios, and building facades. By integrating recessed inground side-light fixtures with other lighting elements such as soffit lighting, you can create a cohesive, well-lit, and visually appealing outdoor environment.

IP65 Inground lights
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