Discover the ultimate lighting solution with our 15W 2D integrated ceiling light. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this light combines durability, efficiency, and advanced sensor technology to provide you with the best lighting experience. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs or enhance security, this IP65 rated ceiling light is the perfect choice.

Waterproof led ceiling light

Suitable for Outdoor Use
Thanks to its IP65 rating, this ceiling light is both water and dust proof. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms, outdoor patios, and other areas exposed to the elements. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand harsh conditions, providing reliable performance year-round.

Microwave Sensor Options
Adjustable Settings
Our ceiling light comes with optional microwave sensor technology, offering customizable settings to suit your needs. You can adjust the detection distance from 1 to 8 meters, set the time delay from 6 seconds to 30 minutes, and control the lux level to determine the ambient light required for activation. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in various environments.

Versatility and Convenience
The microwave sensor can detect movement through glass walls and windows, making it perfect for office spaces. This ensures that the light activates even when movement is detected outside the immediate area, providing seamless and convenient lighting control.

Added Benefits of Motion Sensors
Energy Efficiency
Motion sensors help to maximize energy savings by ensuring the light is only on when needed. This reduces unnecessary energy consumption, lowers your electricity bills, and contributes to environmental conservation. It’s an efficient way to keep your space well-lit without wasting energy.

Enhanced Security
Incorporating motion sensors into your lighting setup can significantly enhance security. The light activates when movement is detected, deterring potential intruders and providing added peace of mind. It’s an effective way to illuminate your property and improve safety.

Waterproof ceiling light with Sensor

Our motion sensor with IP65 LED ceiling light is a versatile and efficient lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor use. With its long lifespan, durable construction, and advanced sensor options, it offers exceptional value and performance. Upgrade your lighting today and experience the benefits of reduced energy costs, enhanced security, and convenient, reliable illumination. Order now to take advantage of the latest in lighting technology.