The in-ground uplight is the most troublesome category of lighting fixtures – some claim the whole concept is fundamentally flawed.

In-ground uplighting is one of the most contentious lighting details in the designer’s toolbox. It’s one of those things that brings out the amateur astronomer in everyone, as it scatters its light into the night-time sky. Uplighting adds to light pollution in The city and signals the presence of the willfully selfish in the countryside.

But there is a dark side, literally, to the in-ground uplight, and one that would bring cheer to the supporters of the dark sky movement. This is the in-ground up lighters propensity to fail on a regular basis. Of the most irritating pieces of lighting technology around.

So why led underground light can be a leak?

① design unreasonable

② material defects

③ process defects

④ the reasons for the installation

1: Design unreasonable

There are some lamps are filled with waterproof glue, these lights in the factory when the waterproof level is really no problem, never leak. But in the outdoor environment about half a year or will begin to aging and turn yellow, this time the lamp will be the inside water. So cannot trust filled glue inside lamps 100% quality, structural + inside glue waterproof is the trend; (Another reason is some factory work not good, like cover screw loose etc)

2:Material defects

Waterproof nuts, sealants, silicon ring and so on. Low price goods must choose low price material, keep low cost when underground light working sometimes, that materials will be happen aging, fracture, mold etc situation.

3. Reasonable installation

1) The general possibility is that the installation is not smooth. While the side of the high side, plus the pressure of pedestrians or cars often. So the pressure of the apron position will be because the pressure is too large and lost the flexibility – and then will leak.

2)If the drainage is not good, long-term flooding lamps will appear leaking situation. The IP67 of the buried lights represents a short time waterproof. Longtime soaked water is not leaking that is the IP68 grade lamps – underwater lights.

3)There is one possible reason for the occurrence of water leakage – power wiring. Ordinary tape wiring is not waterproof because the water vapor will be wrapped around the tape gap into the interior of the lamp, inside the lamp to form a drop of water mist.